Contracting Process

The Contracting process is composed of 24 steps.

There are four primary participants in the Contracting process: the Owner Department, the Buyer, the Sourcing Specialist, and the Contract Specialist. Each has an important and distinct role.

A University Department that wishes to purchase a good or service is the “Owner Department.” The Owner Department’s central role in the Contracting process is to negotiate the business terms of their proposed relationship. Following the Contracting process, the Owner Department is also responsible for “administering” its contracts, meaning that the Owner Department must monitor its vendors to make sure those vendors are performing properly (for example, that vendors are meeting deadlines, providing specified goods, and carrying required insurance).

The Contracting and Purchasing Groups are glad to assist Owner Departments in their negotiation and contract administration. We will soon be making additional negotiation resources available to Owner Departments.   Check back soon!